Who will be next if Russia wins in Ukraine? | Conflict Zone

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As the second anniversary of Russia’s fullscale onslaught on Ukraine approaches, 2024 is setting up to be the most challenging year yet for Kyiv and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Opposition politicians say Zelenskyy’s “autocratic tendencies” need to be checked to preserve Ukraine’s democracy and have called for a government of national unity. The opposition agrees that no elections are possible until after “Russia is defeated,” but MP Oleksiy Goncharenko told DW’s Tim Sebastian that Zelenskyy would lose if he were to stand in elections after the war is over. Goncharenko also warned that Moscow is more dangerous and more unhinged than it was before the invasion and said the only question to be asked if Russia was not stopped in Ukraine would be where next.

Credit DW News

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