White House PANICS over Exposed DARK SECRETS


In this compelling interview, Stephen Gardner welcomes Jimmy Dore, a comedian and journalist known for his anti-war stance, anti-government lies, and dedication to exposing corruption. Dore, a fellow YouTuber, engages in thought-provoking discussions and aims to bring truth to his audience, one show at a time. He speaks of Alex Jones horrifying prediction about the southern border.

The conversation delves into pressing issues, including President Biden’s approach to illegal immigration, stirring dissatisfaction among democrat leaders and voters. Dore shares his perspective on the nation of immigrants and distinguishes it from the challenges posed by illegal immigration.

Gardner raises a thought-provoking theory about the southern border invasion possibly being linked to recruiting military-aged men for compulsory military service to obtain citizenship. Dore weighs in on this idea and discusses Alex Jones’ theories on climate change, migration, and the World Economic Forum’s influence.
Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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