US Soldiers Killed in Jordan: US accuses Iran-backed Militias 

US accuses Iran-backed Militias

According to the Pentagon, the US is preparing large-scale action against militias that have attacked American targets. For days, the Biden administration has been hinting at retaliatory strikes for a drone attack on a remote US military base in northeastern Jordan known as Tower 22. Three American soldiers were killed and more than 40 others injured in the incident on Sunday. Pro-Iranian militias in Iraq have claimed responsibility for the attack.
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said it was time to take further action against the Iranian-backed militias that have attacked US forces on land and sea.

00:00 USA prepares retaliatory strikes against militias
00:42 Lloyd Austin, US Defense Secretary
01:22 Bradley Bowman, Center on Military and Political Power
06:10 Alex Vatanka, Mideast Analyst
Credit to : DW News

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