The Moon Landing Hoax, Explained

The Moon Landing Hoax, Explained

Uncovering the Truth About the Moon Landing.
an Potter — meteorologist, science writer, weather historian, and former NASA Media Relations Specialist —
– Dr. Jack Singal — astrophysicist and physics professor at the University of Richmond
– Dr. Roger Launius, former chief historian at NASA —
– Bill Barry, former chief historian at NASA

Apollo 11 Resources:
– Live feed of photos being taken:…
– overview:…
– Apollo 11 Mission documents:…

— Video Chapters —
0:00 Intro
4:17 Lead Up
10:56 Skepticism
18:42 Hoax
22:16 Real Evidence
24:39 Credits and Outro

8:50 Mission Control was in Houston, TX, while the launch took place in Cape Kennedy, FL

Credit to : Johnny Harris

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