The Fed Won’t Stop Until the Market Drops 50% to 70% Predicts Bubba Horwitz

US Inflation rose only 0.2% in June

Headlines this week claimed that inflation rose only 0.2% in June, but 40-year professional trader, Todd “Bubba” Horwitz, begs to differ. “Look at what you’re spending yourself, and then look at the BS numbers the government gives you and tell me if we’ve had a relief this month.” With the recent rush back into equities, he asserts that this is the “greed phase of the market” and that “before this move is over, we will see 50 to 70% to the downside.” Regardless of the BRICS’ proposed adoption of a new gold-backed currency, Horwitz explains that he’s a buyer of the precious metal “regardless of what’s going on in the data…it’s a buy at any time because you’re playing long-term.” When it comes to cryptocurrencies, Todd is adamant that the government’s latest attempt to interfere with cryptos failed and that he’s adding to his bitcoin (BTC) position because “people are finally waking up and realizing that they’re tired of the central banking system around the globe stealing their money and misspending it.” He concludes by echoing the current sentiment of the American people. “Between all the things that are going on with the education system, break down of the family unit and the political system – we have disaster brewing,” he says.

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0:00 Reaction to Latest Inflation Numbers
2:52 Inflation is Easing, But Still No Relief
4:14 Federal Reserve’s Mixed Messages
5:23 Bubba Predicts 50-70% Market Downside
7:32 What Catalyst Will Break the Market?
8:15 BRICS Planning New Gold-Back Currency
10:20 Bubba’s Bullish Outlook on Cryptocurrency
12:34 Broken Political System and Biden Administration Updates
16:14 Bubba’s UFO Sightings?

Credit to : Stansberry Research

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