Rising Death Toll after US Retaliatory Strikes on Syria and Iraq

US retaliatory Strikes on Syria and Iraq

The reported death toll after US airstrikes on Syria and Iraq has risen to at least 45. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the strikes on dozens of targets killed at least 29 people in Syria. Authorities in Iraq claim at least 16 were killed there. Iraq and Syria warn of dire consequences for the region.
US President Joe Biden says the operation was launched in response to last week’s killing of three American soldiers in a drone attack on a base in Jordan.
The raids on pro-Iranian militias come in response to the killing of three US soldiers in a drone attack on a base in Jordan last week.

00:00 Rising death toll
01:55 Are these strikes only the beginning?
07:13 EU warns of regional “domino effect”
Credit to : DW News

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