NASA Conducts Test of SLS Rocket Core Stage for Artemis I Moon Mission

Moon Mission

Teams from NASA’s #Space​ Launch System (SLS) Program conducted a hot fire of the Artemis I core stage on Jan. 16 at #NASA​ ’s Stennis #Space​ Center. All four RS-25 engines ignited successfully, but the test was stopped early after about a minute. At this point, the test was fully automated. During the firing, the onboard software acted appropriately and initiated a safe shutdown of the engines.

During the test, the propellant tanks were pressurized, and this data will be valuable as the team plans the path forward. In coming days, #engineers​ will continue to analyze data and will inspect the core stage and its four RS-25 engines to determine the next steps. Date Created : 2021-01-16 Credit to : NASAS

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