Mastermind behind Trump’s lawsuit FINALLY REVEALED!

Mastermind behind Trump’s lawsuit FINALLY REVEALED!

Stephen Gardner explains now that Iowa is behind us, the focus shifts to New Hampshire’s primary, and former President Donald Trump surprised everyone by bringing Vivek Ramaswamy on stage. Is there a potential VP nomination in the cards? We delve into the evolving dynamics of this unexpected alliance.

Trump’s legal team accuses the Biden administration of “collusion” in the ongoing classified documents case. Discover the details and the judge’s response as they clash in court.

In the defamation lawsuit against Trump by E Jean Carroll, sparks fly between Judge Kaplan and the former president. Uncover the dramatic courtroom exchange and the intriguing details surrounding the case.

Vice President Kamala Harris responds to criticism about the slow progress on southern border negotiations. Explore the latest proposal that could allow 5000 illegal immigrants into the country daily, sparking a heated debate among senators.

Credit to : Stephen gardner

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