Jeremy Corbyn Implodes During Fiery Clash with Piers Morgan about Hamas

Jeremy Corbyn implodes during fiery clash with Piers Morgan about Hamas

Former UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn failed, 15 times, to call Hamas a terrorist organisation during a fiery exchange with Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan and Jeremy Corbyn spoke of the unfolding Israel-Hamas war and the horrific attacks on October 7.

They also discussed the recent pro-Palestinian protest seen in London to demand a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Mr Corbyn said he does not “approve, support, or welcome Hamas”, however he failed to label them a terrorist organisation when repeatedly pressed by Mr Morgan.

“Can you say it … can you call them a terror group?” Mr Morgan questioned.

A fired-up Mr Corbyn responded by saying, “is it possible to have a reasonable discussion with you?”

Mr Morgan replied by stating, “it’s my show, you answer my question”.

“Are Hamas a terror group … answer the question,” the host continued to ask.

“I’ve asked you two questions: Should Hamas stay in power and are they a terror group?”

“You’re refusing to answer either of them – that is very telling.

“And you wonder why people think you had a problem with Jewish people.”

Mr Corbyn replied by saying, “it’s not very telling at all”.
Credit to : Sky News Australia

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