‘A Powder Keg’: Tensions Rise in Ireland after Five People Stabbed in Dublin

‘A powder keg’: Tensions rise in Ireland after five people stabbed in Dublin

Author Michael Walsh says Ireland is a “mess” and the “powder keg” was set off after an immigrant allegedly stabbed five people in Dublin, among them three children.
The immigrant was meant to be deported years ago but was then granted citizenship.
Police said a man in his 50s was arrested with no other suspects involved.
Politicians and law enforcement were quick to blame the riots on far-right agitators.
“Everything in Ireland is far-right that is not in lockstep agreement with the government-media complex in Ireland,” Mr Walsh told Sky News Australia.
“One version of immigration … is the untrammelled, everyone can come in and is entitled to the most generous benefits in the European Union, just on their say so.
“They arrived with no passports, no papers, no nothing, and immediately demand housing.
Credit to : Sky News Australia

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